Thinking of keeping fishes at home or office? You definitely need an aquarium for keeping them. As a beginner, you might face the problem of choosing the right aquarium. A 20 gallon aquarium kit would be a good start for a beginner. What is the best 20 gallon aquarium kit for a beginner? I’m doing a review of this 20 gallon Marineland AMLPFK20B Bio Wheel with LED Light which help you for deciding getting this aquarium.

This aquarium are made from glass which are able to withstand strong force from inside and outside. Even with a strong glass material will break if it not proper well care or maintain. I’m doing a review about 20 gallon tank kit from Marineland but this tank also come with 29 gallon and 55 gallon size of tank. The price of the tank would be different too but all the kit in are same with a 20 gallon Marineland tank kit.

Marineland 20 gallon aquarium kit

Sample of the product

Product Info

The Dimension of this 20 gallon tank: 14.5”L x 26”W x 18.5”H

Tank Size: 20 gallon

Material: Glass

The Shape: Rectangle

Feature: LED light

Compatible for: Salt water and Freshwater

The Aquarium Kit Include: Aquarium, Hood, Submersible heater, LED Lighting system, Penguin 150 filter, a set of Rite- Size B Filter Cartridge, sample of Aquasafe water conditioner, Sample of TetraMin Tropical Food, a thermometer, submersible water heater, fish net and AC adapter.

Is This The Best 20 Gallon Aquarium For Beginner?

This kit will help you to build a beautiful environment for small fishes and depend on how you decorate your own aquarium. This aquarium are compatible for salt water fish and fresh water fish but the filter are not which you may need to get another filter for salt water fish. Is the fish in the tank are healthy can be tell by the color on it body.

Most of the beginner would start asking is the installation are complicated? You don’t have to worry about the installation because it is very simple even a 7 years old kid could done the job by himself. You can refer a video here of the installation about this 20 gallon aquarium kit.

You need to check the water condition if the fish in the tank are turning bright and pale color. The penguin filter is to filter out all 3 component which are mechanical, biological and chemical to keep the water clean. The filter is to filter out nitrite, ammonia and also waste produce from the fish in the aquarium. The filter may be loud after using a while and you may consider installing a whispering filter for this aquarium. I would recommend Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber.

Preserving the best water quality in the small aquarium for the fish is extremely important. Aquatic are very sensitive to water compound and also the temperature which installing a water heater also play an important role. The interesting part of this aquarium are the LED lighting system which attract me.

You can adjust the lighting into a natural condition during day time and it can also switch the lighting to blue light during evening time to illuminate the aquarium. I personally will buy a glofish gravel to make the aquarium attractive during the blue light is switch to. The natural lighting are also suitable for live plant to grow which you can choose to plant a live plant or an artificial plant in this amazing 20 gallon aquarium kit.

The LED lighting are install together with the hood of the aquarium which the hood are doing it jobs to prevent anything goes into the aquarium and fish to jump out from the aquarium. The hood can design to feed the fish easily in the aquarium from opening the hood. The Led lighting are install safely under the hood which are very convenient. The hood also functioning for reduce the water evaporation which you won’t encounter low water level in the aquarium.

The Best 20 gallon aquarium

Marineland 20 gallon aquarium kit

Some people would talk what is the best 20 aquarium could recommended? Well, any product definitely has its own advantage and disadvantage and is up to us to decide is this the suitable aquarium I want to place at my home or office.

The Advantage

  • The Penguin bio wheel filter are interchangeable for the filter
  • Come with 3 different feature of lighting to switch
  • The aquarium are made from glass and hardy
  • It come with a complete set which you don’t need to spend more to get additionally kit
  • The Led aquarium lighting are well install even the hood is open
  • A Reasonable price comparing with the same component 20 gallon aquarium
  • The Aquarium compatible for freshwater and saltwater fish

The Disadvantage

  • The filter are compatible for freshwater fish only
  • The filter are loud


I personally would give this Marineland AMLPFK20B Bio Wheel with LED Light a rating of 7.5 out of 10 point. We every start a hobby as beginner and I could understand the problem of beginner would face. This Marineland 20 gallon aquarium kit would be a best start for a beginner because it is a complete set which you don’t have to worry so much. Quickly grab this amazing aquarium and drop a comment about this amazing aquarium kit you own.