Oscar fish are belong to cichlid family fish and known as Astronotus Ocellatus in it scientific name. They thrive in South America, Amazon River Basin. Keeping the Oscar fish as pet, you have to understand the fish and what condition they thrive in the wild. Here are the Oscar fish facts and guide on Oscar fish care which can help you if you are a beginner who just start to keep this fish or just started keeping fish as pet.

The wild Oscar fish are typically dark in colored with some orange spot around the gill area and the side of the fish. The fish will change it color when becoming territorial or the fish is experiencing stress. The fish don’t come with one variety of coloration nowadays. Some of the coloration and pattern are known as Red Tiger Oscar, Albino Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar and Albino Red Oscar. The fish live in slow waters river, ponds with muddy, sandy bottom in the wild and they feed with small fish, crayfish and insect larvae.

Oscar Fish Facts

The Oscar Cichlid come in an oval shape with a large thick lips. The fish can grow up to 33cm in the wild but the fish are slightly smaller when keeping in aquarium. The fish can live up to 10 year with a proper care which you may need to pay extra attention.

Red Tiger Oscar Fish

Red Tiger Oscar

Oscar fish is an interesting fish and a fish that can entertain the aquarist. The fish seem to be social behavior and the size of the fish are small when they are found in the pet store. The size of the fish are 3cm long which most beginner thinking of keeping them in a small aquarium.

The fish will reach its full growth in 3 year time which is pretty fast comparing with other freshwater fish and cichlid family. It is better getting a bigger aquarium in the size of 100 gallon for housing the fish and the fish need to feed with a lot of food which quite cost full. Do not mix smaller fish together with Oscar fish because this fish are predatory fish unless the aquarium are big enough for the tank mates to swim around in the aquarium.

Some aquarist recommend Black Pacus, Arowana and Jack Dempeys together with Oscar fish in the same aquarium. Housing them with similar size of fish to prevent the consume smaller size fish. Here are some few tips for beginner to house Oscar fish which beginner don’t have to feel discourage. The fish are quite easy to take care and maintain the cleanliness of the Oscar fish aquarium.

Oscar Fish Care

Setting Up Aquarium And Water For Oscar Fish

Most of the pet store selling Oscar fish in the size of 3cm and prepare a 30 gallon size of aquarium for a 3 cm size of Oscar fish are more than enough. However, the fish have an amazing growth ability which the current size of aquarium won’t be able to fit the fish. It is better providing them a bigger aquarium with the size of 100 gallon on which is much more better since the fish can reach it maximum length in 3 years time.

Oscar fish are sensitive with quality water which you need to pay attention. Keeping the water clean are one of the important tips for Oscar fish care. Oscar fish prefer living in a warm water which maintain the water temperature in between 24 – 27°C. Installing a water heater and thermometer to maintain the water temperature are needed.

Keeping the fish healthy, don’t maintain the water temperature in warm condition for too long because it may cause heart damage, nerve damage and affect the immune system in a longer period. Keeping them in cold temperature or sudden change of water temperature will hamper the immune system of the fish and introducing diseases toward the fish.

The fish have a messy attitude which you need to clean the aquarium and changing the water every week. Perform a 20 – 40 % water change weekly to maintain the quality of the water. Getting a good filtration system to prevent the water becoming toxic are important because the fish are sensitive with the water quality.

I would recommended canister filter because this is the best filtration system to maintain a large aquarium. It also come with multiple filter media which help to maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium. You can add sand, rock and wood as substrate in the aquarium. Do not place live plant in the aquarium because the fish will be shredded and eaten by the fish.

Placing floating plant in the aquarium are recommended. The fish feel secure and comfortable when 50-75% of the aquarium are well prepare with hiding spot for the fish. The fish will come out often when they feel comfortable.

Feeding Oscar Fish

Another tips for Oscar fish care is feed them with high quality protein. Oscar fish are mainly a carnivorous fish which provide them meaty food are the best. Feed them with frozen food such as frozen small fish in the market are also suitable for them.

A Pair of Oscar fish

Feeding Oscar Fish

Feed the fish with freeze dried food brine shrimp, blood worm, mussel, flakes and pellets which are small enough to fit into the Oscar mouth. The fish requires high protein intake which providing them food with higher protein, it shouldn’t be a problem. Watch the fish consume the food during feeding because the fish will leave small particles food behind which can pollute the water in the aquarium.

Feed the fish once a day because feeding them more than that, the water in the aquarium pollute faster which encourage the growth of algae in the aquarium. Feeding them once a day is the best choice to maintain the quality water and the health of the fish.

There no need to be worry as a beginner who just started this hobby or first time keeping Oscar fish as a pet. This is a post which helps beginner to learn more about the fish and things you need to aware off. Thank you for reading this post about Oscar fish care and wish you all the best to housing Oscar fish as pet.