Firemouth cichlid are one of the great cichlid for beginner to keep in home aquarium. The fish can be hardy and tolerate with wide range of water parameters. The fish can adapt to wide range of parameter but still maintaining the recommended parameter are the best for firemouth cichlid care.

Here are the interesting facts you need to know in helping you for firemouth cichlid care. If you really interested in the fish, you can located the nearest pet store and get a pair of the fish and house them in your home aquarium. When you purchasing the fish at the pet store, the fish are small and not as colorful as the picture. The fish may grow up to 15cm or even bigger when it reach its full maturity.

The fish can live up to 15 year with well care. As a beginner, I would recommend getting a 50 gallon aquarium to house the firemouth cichlid. You can keep other freshwater fish which are middle and top swimmer.

Firemouth cichlid are peaceful fish but the fish are aggressive when spawning. The best way to prevent the fish fighting, place a firemouth cichlid into a different aquarium or adding top swimmer in the aquarium.

Aquarium Setup

Firemouth Chichlid Fish

Firemouth Chichlid Fish

The first thing to do setup a suitable environment which are part of the firemouth cichlid care. The fish can tolerate a wide range of water parameter in temperature, pH level and hardest of the water but still setting the right water parameter is still the best to keep the fish healthy.

After preparing a 50 gallon size of aquarium, clean it before introduce the firemouth. Clean the aquarium test the water in the aquarium are 0 ammonia and nitrite. The nitrate level should not exceed 20mg/l because it may generate harmful nitrogen compounds to harm the firemouth.

Set the water temperature of the aquarium in between 23-28°C with a pH level of 6.5 -8.0. Don’t forget to install a good filtration system in the aquarium to keep the water clean. I would suggest going for hang on back filtration system if you are a beginner who just started keeping fish. Marineland Bio-Wheel filter would be one of the best choice for beginner to start.

Installing a water heater to maintain the water temperature are one of the important key to take care the fish. The light can be bright unlike certain species of freshwater fish who needs dim lighting. The water hardness and pH level doesn’t influence so much because the fish are hardy and tolerate wide range of water parameter.

Decorate the aquarium with sand and rocks in the aquarium. Firemouth have a habit of digging which adding live plant in the aquarium are not recommended. I would recommend placing big clay pot in the aquarium for the fish to hide and laying it eggs during spawning. If you still insist placing live plant in the aquarium, place a hardy live plant such as java fern, anubias and java moss.

The root of the plant can be hide by surrounding clay pot or big rock to prevent the fish digging the root of the live plant. After the decoration for the firemouth, you can introduce the fish to its new home. You would notice the new bought fish hard to feed and it’s may take up a month. The fish are feeling uncomfortable due to the new environment.

Quarantine the fish before introducing the aquarium. The best way to get the fish used to environment in the fastest way, is to quarantine the fish in a 10 gallon size of aquarium. It will also help’s the fish de-stress in introducing the fish to community tank to meet it new tank mates.

After everything is set, you may need to clean the aquarium and perform a water change once a week. The fish are hardy but they are also sensitive to pH instability and pollutants. Perform a 20% of water change weekly especially the tank are densely stocked. Clean the gravel in the tank to remove decomposing organic matter that are build up in the tank. Most of the problems toward freshwater fish are usually caused by decomposing organic matter.

Food To Feed Them

Feeding the fish are part of the “firemouth cichlid care”. The fish are omnivores and it can feed with wide variety of fish food. They can be feed with flakes, freeze-frozen food and live food. Feeding the fish with high quality food also helps to prevent the fish easily get sick and keep the fish in it balance nutrition.

I know there are many variety of food which makes give you a headaches. I believe most aquarist want their fish to look healthy and bright coloration. I recommend Hikari Bio Gold, Hikari Cichlid Gold and Hai Feng Fast Color to enhance the fish coloration. You can get this fish product in Amazon which save you the problem from looking around in the pet store.

The fish require a lot of protein and make sure the product are come with high content of protein. You may feed the fish with live food such as bloodworm, tubifex, white worms and brine shrimps. Frozen food are also recommended to feed the fish but make sure keep the diet in balance.

This is it. It’s pretty simple for keeping the firemouth cichlid and recommended for beginner. After reading this “firemouth cichlid care”, what do you think about it? Feel free to leave a comment and share your experience. Cheers!