After finish setting your betta fish aquarium, you can introduce your new home for your betta fish. Here some few step require before introducing your betta fish into the new aquarium.

The First Part

After complete setting up a tank, it is time to introduce the tank to your precious Betta fish. Remember that always finish setting up the tank first because the Betta fish can transit to it is new tank as soon as possible and live comfortably. Getting a Betta fish in the pet store is depend on the number of the tanks you set up.
Every Betta fish own its own tank even with the female Betta fish. While choosing Betta fish in the pet store, remember to choose a healthy Betta come with bright colored body and undamaged fins and tail. Pet lover can always pay attention during the fish swim. Choose fish that swim strongly and healthy but not the one floating aimlessly because the fish may sick.


Betta fish in the bag before introduce into new tank

Betta fish in the bag before introduce into new tank

The Second Part

The second part, get a Betta fish from the pet store and introduce them to its new home. Place the bagged Betta fish into the tank for an hour and keep the bagged close tightly. The purpose of this process is to change to temperature inside the bag same with the water temperature in the tank and prevent the Betta fish getting temperature shock when enter the tanks.

Release the Betta fish from the bag into the tank so the Betta fish can swim freely in the tank. If you just started to keep Betta fish as a pet, they must feed the fish once a day and feed the fish with brine shrimp, bloodworm and dried daphnia. As to remind that do not over feed the Betta fish because the tank of the fish could contaminated by old food and waste. The fish could easily get sick and infected by certain fish diseases.

When is the suitable time to change water for betta fish

The Third Part

The third part is when is the suitable time for changing betta tank water? As a filtered betta tank, pet lover are suggested to change 20 percent of the water from the betta tank every week. As an unfiltered betta tank or jars, pet lover are suggested to change 50 percent of the water from the betta tank every week to keep the betta tank clean and healthy.

In order to perform water change, prepare the amount of the new water that are needed in a clear container a day before and leave it overnight at room temperature. If you’re using tap water for your betta fish, don’t forget to add water conditioner into the betta tank during the water change. Distilled water also can be use during water changes.

Performing water changes for betta tank

Performing water changes for betta tank

During the water change, siphon some old water from the tank to a bowl and place your betta fish in the bowl with old water for the temporarily. Siphon out the amount water for change from the betta tank according to the size of the tank after the betta fish is move to the bowl. Add new water into the Betta tank and also add little amount of new water into the bowl for your betta fish to adapt the new water. Introduce the Betta fish into the tank after few hour of water changes.


Animation for betta fish

The Last Part

Last but not least, cleaning the betta tank is also important and also need to clean it regularly same as performing water changes. The method of cleaning the tank is depend on the size and type of the betta tank. If your betta tank come with filtered, you don’t have to clean up tank every weeks but clean up the tank every couple week. If your betta tank doesn’t come with filtered system, you have to clean up the tank every week to keep the tank clean and healthy.

Vacuum the gravel during cleaning Betta Tank

Vacuum the gravel during cleaning Betta Tank

The gravel in the betta tank needs to be vacuum because a lot of food and waste on the gravel. The betta fish of yours will get sicked if the gravel is not clean. Don’t forget to vaccum the side of the tanks to clean the glass and scrub all the decoration that place in the tank that can collect waste or debris.

Cleaning the tank together with water changes can be less if your tank are filtered tank. If your tank didn’t install filter system to your betta tank, you are recommended to clean up the tank every time during water changes. Sometimes the tank may need to clean up early because it may looks dirty but is not time to clean the tank. If the tanks looks dirty, it show that it is time to clean up the tank no matter when you did it last.

Don’t forget to monitor the pH level so with ammonia and nitrate levels as well. If the any of the level changes, alter the levels if it is necessary and fast before it could harm the health of the betta fish.



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