Betta fish come with strong immunity and betta fish can survive in different environments. A lot of people think betta fish does not need a lot of space to grow but the facts is betta is also the same like other freshwater fish that require space for its growth. Setting up betta fish aquarium, always keep in mind the health and happiness of the fish. REMEMBER, never place two male betta fish in the same tank because both of the fish will fight each other to death.

Choosing an Aquarium for Betta fish

Choosing an Aquarium for Betta fish

Choosing a suitable aquarium

The first thing to do to set up a tank for the Betta fish, is choosing a suitable tank and accessories. Keep Betta fish in a glass or clear acrylic tank that holds 19 litres of water so the fish can live happily and healthy in the tank. Make sure the tank comes with a lid because sometimes Betta fish jumps. The water in the tank will not get contaminated as quickly comparing to smaller tank and the Betta fish can swim freely in the tank.

Placing the Betta fish in a smaller tank or jar to live in is possible but you need to replace the water in the them at least once a week. A minimum of 9.5 litres of water is recommended to prevent the fish to get illness.

Placing two male Betta fish in a tank is prohibited because the two of them will fight each other to death. Placing a female Betta fish and a male betta fish in the same tank is also not recommended because they will fight each other to death too . The best solution is to place one betta fish in one tank.

Betta Fish Kit with Lid Filter

Lee’s Betta Fish Kit with Lid Filter

Get a filter for betta fish tank

Second, providing a gentle filtration system would be good because Betta fish live in gentle current in the wild. Betta fish cannot swim well in fast current because of their long and flowy fins makes it difficult for them to fight strong current. It is important to choose a filter that is labeled “gentle” or come with adjustable settings.

Do not forget to choose a filter that fits the tank’s size too. Is it possible not to install filter in the tank for Betta fish? Well yes, Betta fish can survive in unfiltered water but you need to clean up the tank often to remove uneaten food and waste. The fish get sick easily when the tank is murky.

Aqueon® Mini Aquarium Heater

Aqueon Mini Aquarium Heater

Install heater for your betta fish tank

Third, getting a water heater to regulate the temperature of the tank is depending on the weather where we are staying. Betta fish are tropical fish and they are best in  temperature between 23°C to 29°C. If you are living in a warm country, water heater is not necessary because the main purpose of installing the water heater is to prevent the temperature of the tank go below 23°C.

Installing a water heater in small size tank is not recommended because the tank may overheat due to the size of the tank. It is better to get a bigger size tank for your betta fish.

Setting Gravel in your Betta fish Aquarium

Setting Gravel in Betta fish Tank

Add gravel into the betta tank

Gravel is important in lining the tank because beneficial bacteria will grow on the surface of the gravel and is helping in breaking down the waste. Small gravel is preferable because larger gravel will cause food and waste to be caught in between of the gap and affect the health of the tank. Betta fish prefer natural looking surroundings. You can get blue, green, and brown color gravel. If you are planning to use live plant, 5cm of gravel is recommended for the plant to root and if you are planning to use fake plant, 2.5cm of gravel is sufficient.

Decoration for Betta Fish Tank

Decoration for Betta Fish Tank

Provide a natural environment

Getting plants and other decorations is necessary to help clean the water and to keep your betta happy. Choose plants that grow well to the temperature, current and substrate of the tank. Live plants create more natural micro ecosystem by filtering waste of fertilizer and providing more oxygen to the water. Several plants to choose from are Ruffled Sword, Willow Leaf Hygro, and Brazilian Pennyroyal. Placing these plants in your tank will definitely enhance the natural atmosphere of your fish tank and will surely make your fish happy.

Ruffled Sword Plant

Ruffled Sword Plant

Willow Leaf Hygro Plant

Willow Leaf Hygro Plant

Using fake plants is possible too but you have to make sure that they are made of silky soft material and do not have sharp edges as that will injure your betta fish when they swim by the plants.
Meanwhile, suitable decorations are such that allow your betta fish to hide such as caves or tunnels because that will make your fish feels more safe and secured. The decorations have to be free of sharp edges too to prevent the fish from getting injured and getting its fins snagged. Remember to place enough gravel at the bottom of the tank ( preferably at least 5cm deep ) to support the live plants that you use. The decorations are usually made of heavy ceramic so it will not end up floating in the tank.



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