One of the favorite freshwater fish kept by many hobbyist which are the Zebra Danio known as Danio Rerio (scientific name). Zebra fish are easily to recognize with it attractive stripe in black and white zebra pattern on its body. They are well known as one of the hardy fish and easy to keep at home aquarium.

The fish are easy to breed and the fish are doing fine without using water heater to maintain the water temperature in the aquarium. If you are interested in breeding the fish, you don’t have to worry because the fish are loyal to each other and they are different from other freshwater fish which require to move the male and female during the breeding process.

The Origin Of The Fish

Zebra Danios are originally from in the wider river of east Myanmar and river in the West Pakistan. Wild Zebra Danio are found in variety of habitat such as stagnant ponds or fast moving streams to slow moving streams. Currently, this species are now origin from a narrow range river in Bangladesh and India.

Zebra Danio


Most people miss identification of the fish as Danio rerio. The fish pretty similar and most of Zebra Danio originate from a damage environment and the habitat are reduced. However, the fish are easily to breed and today industry are breeding the fish and making them prime candidates for commercial breeding.

The fish can live up to 5 years and they fully grow up in the size of 5cm to 7 cm. The fish are easily care and it is good for beginner to start keeping freshwater fish.

Differentiate Male And Female Zebra fish

Male Zebrafish

Male Zebrafish

The male and female are similar especially for most beginner. Here are the tips on differentiating male and female zebrafish. The male come with smaller size compare with female zebra and the male are more slender in shape comparing with female zebrafish.

Female Zebrafish

Female Zebrafish

The female zebra appear to have rounder belly compare with the male. Both sexes come in two pairs of barbell and same stripe but the female have more visual compare with the male. The female will show a balloon belly when it fills with eggs during breeding season.

Setting Up Tank And Taking Care Of Them

The fish are usually swimming on the surface and they prefer moving water. The fish are consider cold –water fish and it is setting the water temperature in between 18 – 24°C. The fish can tolerate wide range of water condition also keep an eye on the pH level in between 6.5 – 7pH.

Always remember that never keep your water temperature too low because it tend to get infection from fish diseases. Another important tips of Zebra Danios care, the fish provide a good lighting and open space for the fish to swim around in the aquarium. House them in an aquarium with the size of 10 gallon as the fish can swim around. Provide a darker substrate which help to enhance the color of the fish and providing them a natural feel to live in.

The fish itself love to swim around and keeping them in a large aquarium will help them thrive. Zebra Danios itself are schooling fish which keeping them in 5 or more would be great. The fish would become stressed and the fish start acting out if the number go to low. The fish would act aggressive towards other tank mates in the aquarium and loss of appetite.

What Is The Best Food To Feed Zebra Danio?

Feeding them the right foods are important to keep the fish healthy and prevent the fish get infected diseases. Zebra Danio are omnivorous and they feed themselves with everything you feed. However, keeping them healthy and happy, feed them with the diet which are they can eat in the wild nature such as small insect, algae and crustaceans.

Feeding them with this food would be cost full especially for beginner. Feeding them with good quality food flakes such as Hikari micro pellets, hikari bio- pure freeze dried bloodworm, hikari bio-pure brine shrimp and live foods. Feeding the fish with micro pellets because the product are not expensive and contain a lot of nutrients. There is no wrong feeding them bloodworm, brine shrimp or daphnia but it’s just cost full.

Zebra Danios Suitable Tank Mates

Keeping the aquarium colorful are great and the more the merrier. As we know Zebra fish are schooling fish and keeping the together with schooling type of freshwater fish are highly recommended. Here are the best tank mates to keep them together the same aquarium.

  • Swordtail
  • Pleco and corydoras catfish
  • Clown and loaches
  • Dwarf Gourami
  • All species of barbs

This are the recommended tank mates keeping them together. I wouldn’t suggest keeping them together with angelfish, guppies and betta fish because the fish tend to become target for an active fish such as zebrafish. The fish will attack those with long fins which are not encouraging.



Here are the introduction about Zebrafish and tips for beginner to keep freshwater fish. Feel free to leave a comment below about this cute little fella.