Cardinal Tetra Fish are one of beautiful fish and also one of the popular aquarium fish that most aquarist kept. Most people get confused with neon tetra fish and cardinal tetra. The fish will have full length of red stripe on it lower body until it tail and only half of the red stripe appear on the body of the Neon Tetra.

Cardinal Tetra Fish

Cardinal Tetra Fish

They are one of the great tank mates in community tank. The fish are also well known as schooling fish and keeping them in the number of 6 are better for beginner. Adding thick plant into the tank will show the glamorous color from the schooling fishes. Keeping the fish color bright, make sure the pH level of the water are slightly acidic and the color of the fish will enhance brighter and sharper.

Inhabitant In The Wild

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

Cardinal Tetra are known as one of the Paracheirodon Genus among the 3 same genus which are Neon Tetra and Green Neon Tetra. Cardinal Tetra originate from middle water layer flooded forest of the upper Orinoco and Negro River in South America. The fish feed themselves and take shelter in where the place are appear huge flood.

Green Neon Tetra

Green Neon Tetra

The fish migrate themselves during the flood looking for food and taking shelter. During the flood, many rotting plant evolve tannin into the water and the color turn darker. In the same time, high organic load the water which influence the pH level of the water in between 4 -6 pH with the temperature of 23-27°C.

The Appearance Of The Fish

The fish come with full length of red stripe on it lower body and a neon opalescent of bright-blue strip from the eye to end of the body. Many people confused and mix up with neon tetra and cardinal tetra because the appearance of the fish are pretty similar .Cardinal Tetra fish are one of the popular freshwater fish most aquarist kept at home but compare with neon tetra, the fish are wide spread than cardinal tetra.

Cardinal tetra is hard to breed and the fish are very sensitive with the water pH and temperature which makes the fish are difficult to breed. The egg of the fish will be consume by adult Cardinal Tetra or bigger fish in the community tank. There are a different calling for this fish which some aquarist called them as red neon tetra.

If you plan to breed the fish, you need to get a pair and there is a difficulties of differentiate male and female. The female body come with the length of 5cm and the male body length is about 2.5cm -3cm.

The Importance Of Keeping Them In Aquarium

Here are the important information you need to know before keeping the fish in the community tank. Cardinal tetra are sensitive with water parameter and if the parameter water are change, the fish will die easily. This fish are not recommend for beginner who just started keeping fish and looking for new tank mates for their beloved freshwater fish.

They are very sensitive with water parameter so with the importance setting up the tank. They don’t like rough water and they prefer slow water which need to pay attention of the tank are complete with an aquarium nitrogen cycle. You can refer the cycle from about aquarium nitrogen cycle.

Cardinal Tetra

Group of Cardinal Tetra Fish

The fish prefer slight acidic water which you need to get a pH tester to test level of the pH in the tank. The fish prefer the number of 4 – 6 pH level with the temperature of 23-27°C. Maintaining the temperature makes sure you get a heater to maintain the temperature of the water to prevent the change of environment to the fish.

The fish don’t live long and they live up to 2-5 year only.  The fish usually swim in the middle or top of the tank in group. Prepare a 10 gallon or large size tank to house them. Many aquarist keep them together with different type of freshwater fish because the fish are peaceful fish and swim in a group.

The fish don’t come with bigger size which you need to pay attention on mixing them with other different freshwater fish. Avoid adding aggressive fish or big enough to consume them as food. Make sure install LED lighting in the tank for the fish. They will appreciate it and it is important during breeding.

Feeding Them

The fish feed themselves with zooplankton and bloodworm in the wild. If you thinking of feeding the fish, it is quite easy because there a lot of fish product and much convenient to feed them. The fish are not choosy when comes to feeding which can feed them with freeze dried food, frozen and pellets which are small enough to feed them.

The fish favorite food are tubifex and bloodworm which you can buy any kind of product as long as it is their favorite food. You can order the fish pellets from Amazon because there are dozens of product are available.