Month: October 2017

3 Sign of Showing Swim Bladder Disease

Have you ever notice at times that goldfish float upside down? No, they are not dead. They are very much alive despite floating that way. This is usually caused by what we called as the ‘swim bladder disease’. We are about to share with you the 101 lesson of this disease. What is swim bladder […]

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6 Suitable Tank Mates Mixing With Betta Fish

Now that your tank task has accomplished, let’s begin to choose your Betta’s tank mates. I know keeping a fish in a tank seem boring and makes the fish lonely especially keeping a male betta fish in a tank. Base on pethelpful and theaquariumguide, we definitely can add some fishes in the tank or add betta fish […]

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Panda Telescope Goldfish

The Panda Telescope Goldfish have protruding eyes just like other Telescope Goldfish. Its young moors resembles bronze fantails and their protruding eyes will gradually develop with their age. At maturity stage they have this velvet-like appearance. They can also lose their color with age to become orange and white or any other color combination. Frequently, […]

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